The Ordering Process –

Removals, Restorations and Additional Inscriptions

Step 1: Removal of memorial

In the event of a funeral where an existing memorial needs to removed, please contact us with your instructions.  We will remove the memorial promptly to our workshops, where it will be safely stored.  If your funeral director has contacted us on your behalf we will have received instructions to remove your memorial, and you can continue with your arrangements without further concern.  At this stage there is nothing more for you to do until we contact you with our initial quotation, but please feel free to ask us any questions or get help for any queries you may have.

Step 2: Preparing your quotation

We will look at your memorial and assess what work needs to be done.  Within the next couple of weeks you will receive a detailed quotation covering the removal and refixing costs, any restoration or cleaning, and any other work we think may be appropriate for you.

We are always as competitive as possible, but we will always try to match any quotation you have received from elsewhere.  We will happily check that we have quoted on a like-for-like basis and explain any differences.  Specifications can vary wildly and often this is why some memorial quotations can appear to be cheaper or better value than others.

If you are uncertain of any of the terminology or procedures, please ask for clarification.

Step 3: Confirm the order

If you are satisfied with the quote, please confirm your approval for your order via telephone, post or email.  Please feel free to contact us at this stage, or come in if you wish.  You are welcome to talk over the work needed, look at options, or just for help with looking at how the new inscription may be worked out. We can prepare all your necessary paperwork and layouts while you wait if you have the time, or we can communicate with you by phone, post or email as you prefer.   We would now ask you to make arrangements for payment of the requested deposit.  You can pay by cash or cheque, and we accept all major debit/credit cards except American Express.  If you want more security you can pay by direct bank transfer – our bank details are on your order paperwork.

Fountain Pen and Signature

Step 4: Deal with the “red tape”

There is a bit of paperwork to be dealt with, but we deal with all this on your behalf, and all you need to do is check and sign a couple of simple documents.  For example, we need to obtain permission from the local authority (either your council or church) to carry out the work.  They charge a fee for this, and a form needs to be completed.  We do this for you, and include their fee on our quote.  The legal grave owner (usually the next of kin) needs to sign this form.


Step 5: Carry out the work and refix the memorial

All this takes time, and there is always a delay in replacing the memorial in the cemetery or churchyard.  In the case of a burial it is sensible to allow the ground to settle properly, and this depends on a number of factors.  Usually, our work schedules allow for a 6 – 9 month wait after a burial and the cemetery authority may insist on this waiting time.

Step 6: Final payment

When the memorial has been installed we will send you our final invoice, which you can settle by any of the methods detailed in Step 3.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any help or have any questions.

Please also read our Terms and Conditions of Sale for full information.


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